See It! Be it!

I had the honor of working with Dreamworks Animator Gabe Hordos on a project about a young boy destined for greatness.

  Working on this film reminded me of the good ol' days of animation; a time when young aspiring animators assisted seasoned animators, learning as they followed timing charts and capturing the likeness of the character just right.  It was bliss working on this film and I learned so much from it.  Enjoy!


Writer + Director  Gabe Hordos

Producers  Joseph Fogel  Gabe Hordos

Score Vidjay Beerepoot

Sound Design Ken McGill Brett Ardiel

Animation + Clean up + Color  Gabe Hordos Joshua Kalinowski Rachel Reid

Voice Talent  Jay Preston

Special Thanks Line K. Andersen Kevin Lima

Technical Director Debbie Kurth